A Word On Grass-fed Meats

It is better to know where your food comes from. Sierra View Farms is committed to ensuring your food comes from a healthy source. Moving into our 8th year of providing meat for the public, we are committed to the best practices to provide the best tasting and most tender grass fed meat around.

We are currently providing our customers with grass fed beef, and pastured pork. We will also be providing grass fed lamb in the fall of 2017.

We have well-managed pasture rotation so that our animals are moving onto the highest nutrients found in grass. Our pasture consists of clovers, rye, and native grasses.

We take great pride in the quality of meat we offer – prepared fresh to order and then frozen. The process is simple. You can place an order with Cameron via his email sierraviewfarms@gmail.com.  We would then work with you on scheduling a pick up time or delivery drop off site that is convenient. We are passionate at what we do and are eager to share our enthusiasm of the farm. Ranch tours are highly encouraged and thoroughly enjoyed.

Our Animals


Our cattle are out of registered Angus stock and have been raised and selected by us for almost 20 years.  We buy top rated registered Angus bulls to replace our herd bulls.  Our cattle are raised  on native foothill pastures in the winter and spring.  They are moved to adjoining irrigated clover  pasture for the summer and fall.  During the winter they are fed hay that has been cut from our fields.   Our cows, calves, and bulls form the main herd. As the 6 to 8 month old steers reach weaning size, they are separated from the herd and kept for another year where they rotate pastures—never overgrazing or having to travel too far for a bite of grass.  For this year they are finished entirely on clover, bermuda grass, orchard grass, rye, and vetch.  Our finish steers are never given antibiotics, hormones, or grain.  They have very little stress in contrast to spending the last year in a feedlot.  You are invited to schedule a visit anytime.  We encourage people to see for themselves how cattle should be raised.

We offer quarters, halves, and whole carcasses for sell.  Our beef is USDA inspected and we work closely with a local state inspected butcher. We dry age your  hanging beef for 21 days and custom cut to your specifications.  We take pride in the fact that just a few people have taken part in raising your steer and one or two people will be involved in processing your steer.   To order, just contact our farm either by email or phone.  We will discuss the availability and the price.  Generally a quarter yields approximately 90 pounds of wrapped beef and costs right around $650.  We sell by the hanging weight so each steer is a little different.  Currently our price is $4.25 a pound on hanging weight.


After much research and a fair amount of fence mending we decided to take on a new grass fed lamb production. We wanted to find a breed that was best suited to be raised and finish on grass also giving thought to our local climate and terrain. Our due diligence led us to a registered Dorper herd out of Northern California. They are breed solely for their meat. They have a coat of hair that will get thick in the winter and then shed off into the spring and summer months. Dorper meat has more of a sweet and mild taste as opposed to most other breeds. It does not have that “wooly-oily” mutton taste that wool lambs have.

We now have a small breeding stock to tend to and are eager to grow our herd in the coming years.  Stay tuned for more updates. We should have meat available by fall of 2017, maybe sooner.


Our pigs are raised on site without farrowing crates.  We use Heritage breeds like Large Black, Tamworth, Red Wattle and Gloucester Old Spot, which have not been regularly used for commercial production.  They grow slower, hate captivity, and are very protective mothers.  These same traits that take them out of the commercial industry make them ideal for pastured production.  They spend all of their lives on pasture and are fed alfalfa hay, almonds, sweet potatoes,and  zucchini squash.  We also commercially sprout our own barley and wheat grass.  Because these pigs actually get exercise and take longer to fatten up, the meat is very rich and flavorful.  You can’t find pork like this at any grocery store.

A longer wait list may be associated with the pork due to our limited supply. Our price for pork is $4.50 a pound hanging weight which take into count all processing fees including curing.  Our butcher will work closely with you, explain the various cuts, and help you decide how to get the most out of your pork.