Welcome To Sierra View Farms

At Sierra View Farms, our fresh beef, and pork is all prepared from animals that are raised in a low-stress, natural environments to maximize flavor and nutrition.  Our rich organic pastures are free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Animals are raised and finished on grass only.  It’s seems the natural way of things for us. Stewardship of the land and care for our animals what keeps us going. You really do get out what you put in.

Our Story

Our Story:

We have raised cattle for 30 plus years.  As we have grown, we have progressed in the grass fed industry. We have enjoyed our meat as a family for many years. We decided we had to take what we have learned and try to extend this to as many interested people as we can. We apprehensively tried our first grass only finished steer about 10 years ago and have not turned back since. We were pleasantly surprised and have worked to improve on the art and science of finishing steers with high protein grass instead of the path of least resistance with corn. Also through much trial and error we have concocted our favorite and most healthy finishing inputs for pork as well. We cannot wait to see how the sheep turn out.


With the purchase of a 100 year old cattle ranch from the old cowboy neighbor, Mr. Baxter, there came the decision to plant almond trees or maintain its integrity as a cattle ranch. Whether profitable of not, it was a no brainer to him. He couldn’t wait to pursue his passion of raising cattle. Instead of planting more almonds we went against the grain with livestock. Many years later we advanced our herd by introducing them to lake front property in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s.

To this day we continue to grow our production the most sustainable and prudent way we know how. Traversing three generations of farming and ranching, we look forward to use both wisdom and progressive thinking to help propel this food revolution and get you the food you and your family should have.


Our Animals

Our animals are raised in  pastures of rolling hills and open grass fields. In the foothills of the central valley with views of the Sierras, our livestock graze and forage on their natural diet, rich in nutrients.