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Welcome To Sierra View Farms

At Sierra View Farms, our mission is to bring beef and pork production back to the basics. Farming more holistically our results are: healthy animals and sustainable food production. We are what our animals eat. If it’s in their feed it’s in your food.

Free from pesticides & synthetic fertilizers our organic pastures are once again providing the nutrients nature intended. Our Steers will never receive antibiotics, growth hormones, or any processed feed what so ever. Because our Steers thrive on this inherently harmonious existence of air, grass, water and sunlight, we are producing the most nutritional of meats.

Our philosophies and techniques enable us to maintain the highest level of animal welfare, and pasture health. As a consumer you can be assured when purchasing Sierra View Meats, you are not only buying quality food, you are supporting this new eco-friendly and sustainable approach to farming.